Over the last years, the European Commission has invested considerable resources in research on water. However, the results of these numerous projects& programs often do not reach the relevant actors in the required extent for ensuring a maximum impact. Improved communication and dissemination is crucial, between researchers, between researchers and end-users of the research and between researchers and policy makers and implementers (e.g. Science-Policy Interfacing).

To help improve the communication and dissemination, the European Commission's DG Research & Innovation is supporting two European projects as part of the SPI-Water cluster: STEP-WISE and STREAM. The main aim of the STEPWISE project is to further develop the WISE-RTD Water Knowledge Portal, which intelligently links EU water policies with European water research results, tools and experiences. WISE-RTD allows actors from policy, research and industry to easily retrieve disperse information. Furthermore, STEPWISE has created eLearning modules for facilitating the policy-science-industry interfacing. The STREAM project focuses on improving the dissemination of the research results of earlier EC funded projects through tools like Policy Seminars, eLearning, Summer Schools, webinars of projects' conferences, interviews, etc.

STEP-WISE and STREAM jointly organised their final conference on 3-4 December 2012 in Brussels, presenting concrete instruments to facilitate the dialogue between researchers, politicians and research-users.

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